Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive with my international driving license in Sri Lanka?

You must have Sri Lankan Driving License Permit along with your country driving license or international driving license. According to government regulation. And it’s must when we start insurance process. 

Is Renting or hiring vehicle Better?

It’s depending on your desire. But nowadays it’s getting popular on RENT A CAR option. We will provide road assistance & on desk service free of charge. We always recommend to buy local sim on arrival airport. Our countrywide 4G coverage is available.

Is that secure to drive in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is very secure country to drive by yourselves. But you should followed International Road LAW. Island wide 4G signal covered will help you to  access GOOGLE MAP. 

how can i get best quote?

To get best quote you should provide us extract period of requirement. And you can share your tour plan with us. So we can provide some tour advice & easy access to your desire destination. 

Do I Need extra insurance cover?

No. We are providing comprehensive insurance cover and it will cover Vehicle, Passengers & Third-party damages. So its covered all requirements. 

Can you arrange Sri Lankan driving license permit for me?

We can arrange Sri Lankan Driving License permit along with the car & Bring it to your hotel or Airport. So you can start your tour on the site.

What Is Pre-approval?

Reserve the vehicle in advance is the best way to secure your tour in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we advice you to confirmed the reservation with advance payment ASAP. ‘It’s Seal the Deal’. 

Am I Ready to Rent?

Minimum Rental age is 21 years old. You should prepare these documents before you rent

  • Clear & Valid your country license or IDP.
  • Sri Lankan Driving License Permit (We can arrange it for you)
Do you accept card payment?

Yes we do accept card payment at your doorstep. Pls make sure to pre-inform us that your going to pay by the card. 

Can we rent baby seat / child seat?
Yes we can arrange clean baby along with the car. if you confirm request in advance we can add baby seat rent to agreement and bring it with the car.
Can I Ask You for Advice?

Sure. Not only about vehicle. We offer FREE on DESK Service for any circumstance.  You can use our contact page for FAST CONTACT us. 

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